Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tips and Tricks for Planning a Private or Corporate Event

No matter the size or occasion, event planning is a big responsibility. The long list of items to take care of: like setting the date, managing RSVPs to planning the fabulous meal and hiring the caterer, all of which require total attention and precision to make your event a success, could be very daunting. Click Here

Which probably have you thinking “how do the professional event planners are able to smoothly orchestrate every detail to deliver a successful event?”

Here are some tested and proven tips and tricks for planning a hassle free event:

Rely on the use of technology to help you streamline the process:

Information is available at your fingertips.

Here is a list of useful apps to consider as you plan your event:

  • BubleJi – this is useful if you have to work with others to coordinate your event.  As it helps you reproduce the scene by painting the space with the use of your Iphone camera
  • Dark Sky – this app provides a detailed minute -to -minute breakdown of the current weather condition. Great to help cater for the event
  •  Spotify – allows you to customized a playlist for your event.  A good idea is to also share the link with your invitees as a thank you – for attending your event.
  • TNT   -  great marketing tool.  It pulls together user generated branded contents into one place from various social network- eg:  geotagged or hashtag. It also allows you to broadcast to websites, mobile app, screens etc
  • Google maps: helps with directions and also for familiarizing yourself with everything around the event scene
  • Event farm: a useful app for sending out customized invitations, tracking, selling tickets and registration etc.

Communication is important:

Expect the unexpected so communication is the key element to
getting everyone on the same page to secure plans in place and prepare
to adapt and deal with any situation that may arise.

Creating Accountability

Structure events in a way that designate ownership.
The person in charge needs to own every part of the event
planning process. Offer insights and strategies and essential tools
to the planners  thereby fostering a sense of community to bring the
event to a success.

Make the Connection:

The best way to engage you guest is be courteous and kind, this is the
basis for building a real relationship. Go event management agency usa

What tips made your event a success?  Please share with us.